Mentorship Program FAQ


Various Hexagon chapters have a mentorship program. There are four mentoring cohorts a year and the programs start at the beginning of every quarter and lasts for 3 months. Applications for mentees open a few weeks before the start of each program; announcements are made on this website, as well as on social media as soon as they become available. Follow your chapter’s to stay notified.

How it works

Accepted applicants are invited to attend a matching event, where mentors and mentees have an opportunity to meet (for more on how we select mentees, see “What we look for in mentees”). During the event, both mentors and mentees privately indicate their preferred partners. Based on these preferences, the Steering Committee creates matches and both pairs are informed of their partnership within 72 hours. 

Mentors and mentees meet virtually or in person over the course of 3 months. The first meeting should be face to face to create a relationship.  We recommend meeting every 2 weeks, but leave it up to each pair to figure out a cadence that works for them. Throughout the course of the program, we send out recommended topics for discussion but mentees are encouraged to come up with topics that are most relevant to them. 

Matching process

Applying to be a mentee

To be considered for the program, you must have an online portfolio and be able to attend the kickoff event in person. We look for self-motivation and resourcefulness; e.g. what it is that you feel like you can learn from mentorship, what are your goals, and what UX experiences you have had so far. We then try to provide the best possible pool of mentees who might be good matches for our mentors. 

Because mentors change with every cohort, you may have a great application, but are not a good match for the current pool of mentors. We always encourage applicants to try again; there may be the perfect mentor for you in the next round!