We've rebranded!


Posted Nov 1, 2017

When XX+UX first launched in 2013, it began as a small local meet up in the Bay Area. Since then, it's become an active community of 3000+ women across 8 chapters around the world and a personalized mentorship program. We're proud of the community that we've built and we're thankful for all the support over the last 4 years.

However, we have outgrown our original name & identity. While our name had a clever ring to it, we inadvertently hurt our trans allies with a biological affiliation. We are rebranding in order to fulfill our core mission; to be a community of all women who support each other by sharing our own stories and fostering growth at all stages of our careers.

We’re excited to announce that XX+UX is now Hexagon.


The name is inspired by bees, from the buzzing collaborative community in hives to the hexagon-shaped honeycombs filled with honey. A healthy hive is rich in metaphor for a sustainable community of people working together. Similar to bees, we’re a community who support each other, and we are multi-faceted like a hexagon.

Additionally, our rebrand is giving us a moment to reassert our core values. Hexagon is founded on the principles of:

Community. Mentorship. Inclusivity.
Positivity. Growth. Leadership

  • Community: We offer a safe space for women to be themselves

  • Mentorship: We provide opportunities to mentor and to be mentored

  • Inclusivity: We welcome all women and non-binary individuals

  • Positivity: We support a positive mindset

  • Growth: We encourage your personal growth along your unique path

  • Leadership: We develop leaders in UX

If our mission and values resonate with you, we’d love to have you join us at our Hexagon events. We welcome all levels of participation whether you want to start a chapter in your own city, an event partner, be a mentor, or to connect in this community. And as always, be in touch!

Thanks for being building this community together with us. 

Hexagon Rebrand design by Fiona Yeung.