Houston’s Hexagon chapter was started in February 2017 by passionate women designers who saw the need for a community of women in UX. Though Houston already offers several outlets for the co-ed UX community to gather, the city’s UX market is growing. This offers the perfect opportunity to establish a space where women can feel secure sharing their industry experience, learning together, and asking questions they might not feel as comfortable surfacing in other settings.

Events will vary from workshops, to happy-hour hangouts, to discussions. We are a young chapter, which means we are also flexible! Wherever participants show interest, we’ll adjust to fit their needs (in true user-experience fashion).


Stay in the loop

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Mentorship Program

Upcoming Cohort: Spring 2019 

After a very successful first mentoring cohort this past summer, we are excited to continue with our second cohort this Spring 2019! The Houston mentorship program is open to women at all levels in their careers. We do our best to pair mentees and mentors based on experiences and individual needs. Each mentorship cohort runs for 3 months and we do 1:1 matches.

Our mentor and mentee applications are now officially closed!

Mentees, you should be hearing from us on December 12th! In the meantime, add our mentorship email: hexagonux.mentorship.houston@gmail.com so you are sure to receive the announcement email!



Event Highlights

September 2017

Get The Gig Interviewer’s Journey to Success

March 2018

Design with Agile