Hexagon is a community of women in UX who support each other by sharing our own stories and fostering growth at all stages of our careers.

Our Story

Hexagon is a community of women in UX who support each other through all stages of our careers. We believe that having strong local networks of peers helps each other discover new skills, boost confidence, and foster their own growth. Although there are many meet-ups for women in tech, most of them focus on ongoing education or learning new skills (e.g., talks, panels, hackathons) — at its core, Hexagon is a community.

When we first launched in 2013, it began as a small local meet up in the Bay Area called XX+UX and we rebranded in 2017. Now, we are a community of over 3,000 women. Hexagon hosts events and mentorship programs around the globe, where every event is hosted by a different local company and features something unique about their culture or industry. We’ve held international events in London, Sydney, Paris, Toronto, Vancouver, Bangalore, and more. Check out our chapters.

Beyond our current programming (events, mentorship program), we hope that Hexagon helps drive the conversation around diversity in tech. Implicit bias is perhaps the greatest inhibitor of women’s growth — it affects how we hire, how we interact with co-workers, and how we recognize and promote “talent”. We know that diversity drives creativity, but change needs to come from within companies themselves and how they think about their own success.

Hexagon aims to build a supportive community that fosters diversity, support, empowerment, and mentorship for women. We welcome all women and gender nonconforming individuals. Here are our guidelines around participation:

  • If you support diversity in tech, you are welcome at our events. Please participate in the conversation, actively listen to the people around you, and share your own stories & encouragement.

  • Hexagon is dedicated to providing a harassment-free event experience for everyone, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, disability, age, race, national identity, or religion. We do not tolerate harassment in any form.


We offer a 3-month mentorship program where women are matched to mentors based on compatibility. Conversations help mentees develop their skills, confidence, and recognize their potential. 


We currently have 8 chapters around the world and are continuing to grow globally. Every chapter features something unique about their culture and location. Check out our chapters or start your own! 

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